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Satriun Group is a European leader of Corporate Performance Management with offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany and Romania

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Customer Success

TeamViewer, world’s most downloaded remote support solution, has more ownership over data and reporting and more consistent, higher quality and better auditable data thanks to its new corporate performance management platform implemented by Satriun Group.

Case Study

Customer Success

Essilor Group, the world leader for corrective lenses, implements a SAP Profitability & Cost Management platform. Satriun Group rapidly developed an Activity Based Costing IT model based on the French CIGREF framework.

Case Study

What we do

We implement Corporate Performance Management (“CPM”) solutions. Being able to successfully implement a CPM solution is not just dependent on having the right understanding of information technology. It is also about the right understanding of financial management and the corporate center’s needs when it comes to financial consolidation & reporting, budgeting & planning, disclosure management, and the organizational processes required to facilitate this. Furthermore, it is also about understanding the external regulators, their expectations, their regulatory roadmap and the implications for individual industries. Finally, it is also about the right understanding how to manage behavioral change within the corporation. Satriun Group brings together the necessary expertise for Financial Management, Regulatory Support, Information Technology and Change Management, maximizing the success and value added of our customer’s CPM projects.


With a set of skills combining deep expertise of the functional areas under the responsibility of the CFO and sound knowledge of the Corporate Performance Management software solutions edited by the leaders of the industry, Satriun Group is a unique one-stop-shop and a privileged partner for the Office of Finance. We provide similar expertise to Big4s, but with a true and unbiased understanding of the technology supporting the CFO processes; furthermore, we understand all facets of Corporate Performance Management software technology, but with a deep expertise of the CFO processes those cover – this completeness of vision and ability to execute allow us to deliver performance others cannot.

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La baza abordării noastre stă un model de pilotaj al performanţei integrat, care acoperă tot ce înseamnă bilanţ, profit şi pierdere şi flux de numerar, utilizând datele efective, buget şi previziuni […]

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